How It Works
Operto brings all of your solutions into one place, enabling you to view and manage your portfolio in real-time. Cloud-based and accessible from any device. Operto supports a wide ecosystem of devices that reside within the rental unit to increase efficiency and offer a premium guest experience.
Property Management System
Integration with your PMS syncs reservations. Unique access codes are sent to guests automatically through the original booking channel.
Automated Alerts
Managers and cleaners receive notifications for guests checking in and checking out, cleaning status, property warnings, and more.
Smart Lock
Permits access to guests and staff with an accepted access code.
Smart Sensor
Sends real-time data on noise, occupancy, temperature, and humidity.
Smart Thermostat
Ensures guest comfort and reduces energy costs with smart setbacks.
Z-Wave & WiFi
Other Devices
Smart TVs
Smoke Sensors
and more...
Your partners are our partners
We connect curated hardware to next generation software. Connect your Property Management Systems (PMS), with other value-added partners.
most building intercoms
your custom PMS!

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